When his wife disappears from a five-star hotel in Gstaad the morning after a party, Professor Monroe must track down the truth.

Professor Robert Monroe’s wife has vanished, and no one saw a thing. Was she kidnapped? Or did she run off with the handsome Italian she and Robert partied with the night before?

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Finding the Heart of an Inauthentic Life

By David Inglish

William Bradford Bugg has almost everything: an enviable collection of modern and contemporary art, a yacht, a Maybach with a driver, a seat on the Grand Council of Foundations, a keenly decorated manse and a bright orange Aston Martin. Unfortunately, he has no heart. His second heart has just given out and he desperately needs a third. While he waits in a state of suspended animation for another chance at life, he wonders if he really ever lived at all.

In his second novel, W. B. Bugg’s Change of Heart, David Inglish tells the story of the hapless yet endearing William Bugg. For all of his life William has bounced between what others, especially his social-climbing mother, expect of him and what he secretly desires. They want him to be Hamlet. He prefers to play Gertrude. They expect him to be the scion of his adopted father, a 20th century media mogul, yet William prefers his needlepoint. In a balancing act by a clumsy man, William attempts to live in both worlds. Time after time he fails. After both of his parents have passed and the stroke of a pen makes him a billionaire, William thinks that he finally has a chance to be himself. Unfortunately for William all the art, liaisons, gourmet treats, cars and yachts money can buy cannot make him feel like an authentic person. Only a strange whirlwind deathbed journey and a final change of heart can offer him absolution. 

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Inglish_Before_theIt’s the waning days of the ’80s and Kurt Franklin’s SoCal rock band is signed to a major label. Unfortunately, he off his meds and convinced the group’s imminent success is divinely ordained. In walks Sophie Clark, a teenage supermodel who dabbles in witchcraft. In the grand rock n’ roll tradition, she quickly becomes the center of a love triangle that may rip the band apart.

Vivid, funny and dark, BEFORE THE FLOCK paints a piercingly insightful portrait of youthful energy and talent as it careens carelessly into the waiting jaws of the entertainment business.

“Superbly frenzied fiction… a blur of rock gigs, sex and expository melodrama — all depicted with pitch-perfect clarity… It’s a fun ride… vicariously thrilling for readers… Evokes the heart and soul of the era with a balance of decadence and desperation.” – Kirkus Reviews

“All rock stars and supermodels were once just teenagers with big dreams and writer David Inglish never forgets this a he weaves a story that’s as intimate as it is epic, and as hilarious as it is tender.” – Featured in “10 Best Summer Reads 2014,” on MSN


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